Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why this blog?

I walk to work a lot these days. Such a nice way to commute and commune. My New Year's resolutions the past few years have been about becoming a nicer person and trying to un-complicate my life. I'm doing well on both fronts, regardless of the opinions of those around me.

Walking allows a lot more time for open-ended thinking. I'm not necessarily trying to work out particular problems, just letting the brain stumble-upon itself, hopefully in a positive manner.

I find myself continually writing letters-to-the-editor or commenting on various websites like CBC Radio, CinemaClock and service organizations that I interact with. This leaves me vaguely un-satisfied. What I really need is a place to post my ramblings. A public blog like this forces me to focus my thoughts and clean up my writing.


Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

Life is simplified when we slow it down and cultivate a positive perspective on things. Much to be thankful for when we reflect.

Delta Dave said...

Bruce - you get any nicer, I will vote for you as Prime Minister.