Friday, November 28, 2008

Halifax Harbour

This time of year, I like to walk to work a few mornings a week. I leave at 7:00 AM, so it is still a bit dark when I leave the house. I walk thru the Dartmouth Commons and always stop near the gazebo to take a look at our busy harbour. This morning, the view was as beautiful as I've ever seen. Sun just brightening the sky, bit of a haze in the air, Halifax downtown all lit up, ferries in the harbour. I am going to start bringing my camera with me on the walks. The harbour looks different everyday, but today was special.

You know those times when something that you smell or see or touch evokes a really strong memory? Usually, the harbour reminds me of just how much I like living in Halifax. It also reminds me of how much I like walking. Today, the view brought me back to Istanbul(1981). It was a place I had dreamed since I was a kid and thought of it as Constantinople. To be there was special enough. The views of the harbour were magnificent and affected me quite a bit.

Halifax Harbour this morning affected me the same way and brought back a flood of great memories.

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