Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are Gonzos Stupid?

Back in the day, the Gonzos were known for running, sometimes in drag or funny (you had to be there) costumes. The puppet was silly, so were the Gonzos. But there is a another meaning for Gonzo, a sort of unconventional, hell-bent-for-leather approach to life's little obstacles. As the core group of Gonzos move into some sort of uneasy retirement schedule, it becomes quite clear that as the group mellows, it is still more aggressive than the general population. Gonzos still stick out. Why is this?

Our sports are still manual-powered, we still do them in all sorts of weather. When we see a doctor about an injury the question is still: what can I do (ie: stretching, physio, etc) that will allow me to continue to run/swim/paddle/bike and still recover from this injury. The patented GP answer of "rest up awhile" is just not acceptable. OK, so we are an aggressive bunch. But are we stupid?

Simple answer is yes. But is this a bad thing? The list of injuries in the group would stop most couch-potato athletes (pace maker, heart attacks, replaced hips, foot surgery, metal plates in legs). Yet we soldier on.

Since most Gonzos are in their 60's and a bunch are still running (spare parts and all), at what point can you say that this aggressive attitude has cost someone in their quality of life? Being a runner is still the best damn exercise there is. It is a simple, social sport that helps keep the weight down and provides fitness and stamina in all aspects of your life.

What's really stupid is limiting yourself and developing a defeatist attitude. Get a little of that Gonzo attitude and keep pushing the envelope

In other words: "Just Do It".


Delta Dave said...

Isn't Gonzo also a style of writing made famous by Hunter S. Thompson?

bcmurphy said...

Yup. That's him in the picture