Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Kenduskeag 2015

   Zip Kellog (Bangor Daily News photo)

   Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

   Why do I know these people?

   Last known photo of Gimp's hat and dry clothes

   Play boats at Shopping Cart on Friday



   Up, again. How hard can this be?

   Hey! This is easy!


   How many years have these guys competed?

   First boat down thru Shopping Cart on Saturday

   Some talent there

   Trevor, on his way to the overall win...again...

   I love this photo

   These guys tried for the fattest part of the tongue

   ...and made it!!!

   So many clean runs thru Shopping Cart

   The guy in front has a better view

   ...and had good reason to be worried

   Bernie and Darren on their way to another trophy Century Class....wha..what!!!

   Kayak Cork

   So much for waiting for spills. Too much talent on this river.

   Yours truly in 2005, on way to 3rd, Kayak Short.
   One of 3 clean runs down this river, doing all the obstacles

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