Saturday, April 13, 2013

Someone has a fetish

This is a picture of all the techie, storage, sport bags that have crossed my path over the years. Before you go all "Hoarders" on me, let me put this in perspective:

- I really only keep 4 things..electronics, sports gear, records/books
- All these bags take up one decent cardboard box
- All I own would not fill a small pickup
- I like to be the last person to own/use something
- Most of the cars I have owned went from me to the junkyard
- I never throw out techie gear

This summer will be the big test. A few years back, just before I retired and went away, I threw out about 1/3 of everything I owned. Now with the move to the new house, it is time to do another clean. The rules for this cleanup:

1. If I use it over a year, keep it
2. If I intend to still have something when I'm 65, keep it
3. Regardless of Rules #1 and #2, throw out 1/3 of all I own


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As i see it brother, you need one more bag. Either a garbage bag, or a "bag bag". And hey. I don't know the obverse of "belated" but Happy Birthday.

Btw, you are missing a selection of pink...