Friday, October 22, 2010

Pack on your back?...or just happy to see me?

This is the pack list I used for most of my 2009/2010 RTW trip and with a few minor changes is the setup for Ecuador'10. With water and a day's food, it comes in around 20-21 lbs. It is light on clothes, which means that I do a small laundry on a daily basis. On the other hand, I can walk all day with the pack on my back, which opens a lot of possibilities. There is nothing extra in the pack, and over time, I find that I am not missing anything either.

No electric plug-in required. The little radio takes one AAA. The camera takes 2 AA. The cell phone can be powered by 2 AA. I did not suffer any gear thefts last year, but as a rule, I carry around my wallet, passport, camera and USB backup most of the time. Everything else is expendable.

There is a light sleeping bag and self-inflating mat. With the sleep clothes, poly cap and gloves, I can handle an overnite about 5C. I pretty much stay in hostels, but again, I like that flexibility.

The Salomon TechAmphibian Shoes are a real treat. You can walk, run, hike, swim in these. They dry overnite, do not retain odor (no cloth, just plastic and mesh) and are very lite and rugged. I used up a pair last year and just bought their replacement. The perfect backpacking shoe.

40 liter knapsack
Small waist pouch for camera and spare batteries

Poly Hat, Tech top, nylon shorts, cotton underwear, poly socks,
Salomon TechAmphibian Water Shoes

Sleeping bag Primaloft .5 kg MEC overbag
Sleepmat Thermarest .25 kg Shoulders-to-Hips, self-inflating
Drybag (15 liter silnylon) for fleece and light jacket
Drybag (10 liter good quality) for clothes and electronics
Drybag (1 liter plastic) for travel books and documents
Daybag (10 liter shapeless nylon)

Spoon, plastic breadknife, can opener
Water bottle .5 liter
1 day of light food (apple, cheese, chocolate, nuts, bread)

Rain shell and pant
Light multi-sport jacket / Green light fleece
Poly skull cap / Poly gloves / Poly hat spare
Swim shorts / Mini-towel
Wool socks (2) / Poly socks (1)
Techie tops (3) / Running shorts (1)
Silk sleep top/bottoms / Cotton underwear (3) / Cotton sleep shorts

2nd skin, Band-aids, alcohol gel, compression wrap, gauze, tape, Murine, asthma inhaler, Ibuprofen, itch cream, tweezers, scissors, pumice,Poly-Sporin, Gravol, Chlorine tablets, Malarone (malaria), Diamox (altitude), Lomotil (Montezuma’s revenge)

Toothbrush/paste, floss, vaseline, sun lotion, chapstick, toilet paper, hair soap, deodorant
razors, clippers, soap, laundry soap.

Cell phone/charger/battery-backup, travel clock
Watch, wrist Compass, LED flashlight(2), whistle, plastic mirror
Camera, Memory chips, USB memory stick(2), 1-cell radio, spare earbud,
Batteries (2 AAA, 4 AA)
Maps, travel book, hostel/flight confirmations, Reading glasses(2), pen/pencil, diary, family photos, travel documents/visas
Passport, MSI card, Blue Cross, Intl and NS driver licence, Vaccine record
safety-pins, velcro, cable-ties, spare bungy cord, sewing kit

Jpeg copies of all ids/passports, licences, etc.
Same stored on both memory sticks (one to backup photos), along with some music and books

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