Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bridge Commission Blues

With all the drivel and spin about rush-hour tolls, I am surprised that no one has brought up commuter lanes. If the Bridge Commission's concern is traffic flow and not just revenue flow, why not make that middle lane reserved for cars with at least 2 occupants? Yes, they do this in all the big cities Halifax is trying so hard to emulate.

A higher bridge toll will not spread out traffic flow or facilitate carpooling, just like the high cost of gas never did. I walked and biked that bridge for years, and the single-occupant rate is above 80% (even when gas was $1.50 a litre)

Commuting to work by yourself in a car is a very selfish act. For some people, it may be the only time of the day that they can be by themselves. Leave the house when you want, stop at Timmies for a coffee and donut, crank up the tunes, chat on the phone, run your errands at lunch and leave work whenever you feel that traffic flow will be in your favour.

How about Halifax takes over the Bridge Commission (gasp!)and then institutes rush-hour tolling and commuter lanes? Less cars on the road (very eco), better traffic flow, less parking required downtown and who knows, you might even get to know some of your neighbours.

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