Monday, June 14, 2010

Is the world getting Better or Worse?

It is a simple question. You can ask anyone anytime, anywhere and get a good discussion going. But watch out, the answers you get may surprise, and the discussions can get out of hand. I have been asking this question for a number of years and the results continually surprise. I try and guess ahead of time what my respondent(s) will answer and am wrong at least 1/2 the time. You think older people all think the world is going to hell in a handbasket? Ask a few and see for yourself.

My current working theory? Everyone has a personal view of themselves and a working world view. As they take in and absorb news, it is filtered? by their world view. We tend to listen more closely to news that agrees with our world view (and conversely shut out conflicting news and opinions). It takes an open mind or a LOT of opposing information to shift our strongly held views.

But why does this person have a negative view when they seem like such a positive person otherwise? No idea. Why it is so much fun asking this question and getting people riled up.

The rules are simple as is the question. The only possible answers are Better/Worse

Is the world getting Better or Worse?

Yes, many things are better or worse, but if you have to pick just ONE answer to ONE question...what is your answer? It tells a lot about you.

Me. I'm a Better person. Why? My simplest answers...

- Civil rights, (women, gay people, black people)
- Democracy is growing steadily
- Education. Educate a person and their whole life changes

Yes, the wars keep happening, but are certainly no worse than just a few generations ago. We are slowly but surely pulling ourselves long as we still have a planet to live on to get far enough along this path to congratulate ourselves.

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