Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Guys. Bad guys

First impressions are so important. You start a new job, come across as professional and keen. Everyone has a positive opinion of you. Human nature says that the initial impression will colour everything you do after that. Sleep in a few times, come in drunk after lunch...not so bad...cause after all the overall impression is positive. Takes a lot of consistent bad to re-write that initial impression.

Google and Apple are(were?) the good guys. It was hip to have a Mac, use Google long before it became a behemoth. It could now be argued that the 'cool' guy is now 'the man'. Yet, we persist is thinking of these internet giants as the good guys. The evidence is piling up. Serious secrecy concerns, "locked in' software, predatory market practices.

In my youth, I travelled to and lived in Israel. I wanted to see what commune living was like, so I ended up on a kibbutz (met my wife there). Even after visiting Palestinians pushed off their land, I was still fully behind the Israelis. This attitude held all thru the 70's, 80's and 90's. But then Israel started losing its sense of space and power. The attacks on Lebanon and Gaza over the past few years are indefensible in my view. Yes, there is a big, complex problem in the region, but bombing the crap out of everybody (and making even more young teens into extremists) is not just the wrong makes Israel the bad guy.

I have become much more cynical lately. I am starting to go over all my views (a lot of them can be broken down into simplistic good guy/bad guy), looking for obvious flaws. I have always thought of my view of the world as pragmatic. Essentially, it still is, but pessimism is creeping in. Just because I am older? No. Less naive.

Why do I like the actions/opinions/attitudes of young people? Not because they are smarter..but they are more in tune with what is currently going on...and pessimism has not affected their view of the world. Pessimists only have the one skill.


Delta Dave said...

"Pessimists only have the one skill." That really limits the nay side to one tile on the board of life. How many skills do the optimists have?

bcmurphy said...

At least two: the opinion that something positive can be done...and the will to try it.