Monday, December 22, 2008

Airport Arrival info

Spent an interesting hour or so at the Halifax Airport yesterday, theoretically waiting for my daughter's plane to land. The mis-information flying around was stunning. The Arrivals board at the US customs waiting area showed my flight as landed and in Customs, when in fact, I knew that it had just taken off from New York.

This is not a new problem. Over the past 5-6 years, I have seen this happen on every flight that has been delayed (about 50% of the the flights). You complain to the airport, they say it's the airline. You email the airline, they say it's the airport.

The board for Halifax Airport US Customs area displays info based on the published arrival time of the flight. No connection to reality. In fact, thet flight number disappeared off the screen about an hour after it's 'fake' landing.

So, what do we have for customers in this waiting area? 1/3 of the people were wondering why Customs was taking so long. The other 1/3 assumed that the flight had been cancelled. The more aware 1/3 had been on the phone to people who have an internet connection and were checking the flight status with the specific airline (which is the only semi-decent way to get this info)

With all the technology available, to have dozens of people with wildly different views on the status of their flight, makes you wonder just what all that technology does for you.

What's worse than lack of information? How about the mis-information that the Halifax Airport dishes out on a regular basis.

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