Saturday, December 09, 2017


Easily my favorite place to travel. Ecuador is #2...this is a little tour of people and sights. Travelling alone and staying in hostels is a very social way to travel.

Met Pia and Eva in Jakarta. We met 2 weeks later in Pangandaran (surf town) and spent a few days together, then partied a few days in YogJakarta. Lost track of them when I got the foot infection, but we stayed in touch online for a few years

Pia and I shared a meal of snake in YogJakarta (python & cobra). One was difficult to eat, the other impossible

I did volcano hopping with the French guy (Guy) on the left for a few days. Wak (with the kid) and his wife kept in touch for a few years as well, they are from Malaysia

I photo-bombed these 3 Muslim girls in a park in Bodor and we became Facebook friends for a year or so. Definitely a different culture

Chummed with everyone in this crowd for almost 2 weeks... The Indonesian is Dimdim, who guided our jungle trips. The next girl, Andrea...I surfed with for a few days, the next guys are from the Canyoning trip. The 2 girls are Dutch and we spent 3 days with Dimdim on motorcycles and in the jungle. The guy to my right, we did a few volcanos together with a Russian 'croo and got caught in some bad weather

Marla, Dutch dad, Venezuelan Mom. I gave her a trail name ...Bikini Boots. Her friend became Dimdim Boots (long story)

Bikini Boots and Dimdim

The Canyoning 'croo from Pangandaran. We motor-biked out to this place in torrential rainstorm, mud all over the road and spent 3 hours on a river with no humans within 5 km and lava rock, mud and a fast river to contend with, Did a 10m jump as part of this...10m is NOT 7m like I did with Marla on the jungle hike...the difference is palpable

Bandung volcano...VOLCANO #1 of a week-long volcano chasing trip

Merbabu...VOLCANO #2 the day pics on hike cause of big rainstorm. 4 of us end up in a woman's house, no place to go. We buy dry tshirts and underwear from a local store and she feeds us soup and beer

VOLCANO #3, Bromo...very famous. A very cool day all around. We got up at 4AM to get there for sunrise and then hiked the craters and rims all day

VOLCANO #4...Ijen...the lighting was like the morning we canoed in Big Hubley...easily one of my favorite memories

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