Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wascally Wabbit Ultra 50/50

How much fun can you have in one day? Well, as it turns out a 50 km run in the woods does not actually take all day. I was back in my house, sitting in the tub, drinking a beer before 2:00 PM. That being said...I was done for the day. The beer did not get rid of the pain. For awhile, it did take my mind off that pain.

The race was organized by Jodi Isenor, all around great guy and amazing athlete. His dad, Dwight was the timer and it was easy to see where Jodi gets some of his personality. Jodi used to organize the Elmsdale Relay, a multi-sport race (MTB bike, run, kayak/canoe). The Gonzos liked it so much that we setup up a similar race called the Pedal/Paddle/Plod.

The course was marked to perfection. I spent minimal mental effort keeping track of where I was and where I had to go. Can't ask for more than that in a trail race. The course was a demanding mix of logging roads, ATV trails and single track, with a fair bit of water, some decent grades and hills and a good share of bugs (It is May in Nova Scotia).

I was very pleased with my performance in this race. My longest trail run over the years was maybe an hour, so I had no real idea of what to expect. My running the past 2 years has also been quite inconsistent, as I have been off backpacking a lot. I just spent 30 days walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Good basework for a 50km trail race? Who knows.

As it turns out, the body parts were fit enough to handle the terrain, and the stamina level was deep. My 15 km loops got faster as I gained confidence and I finished strong. It has been 20 plus years since I ran a marathon distance. So nice to be able to say that my most recent marathon was just this year.

All in all a great day. Met some new people, had a very social day and earned some rest.

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