Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Relax with a bath

If you are not a bath person, this post will not interest you. I take a few baths a week, more in the winter. I am not an immersion type bather. I like 4-6 inches of really hot water, that I top up as it cools. In winter, I get a delicious contrast... bottom half of me is soaking up hot water, while the top is exposed to really chilly air (we run the house about 10-12 degrees Celsius in winter. I supplement the room I'm in with an electric heater).

I have 2 speeds...On and Off. Sitting in a tub for an hour is the serious version of Off. I bring in tunes and usually a glass of wine or beer. This is my favorite way to listen to Saturday afternoon opera on CBC2 (from the Met).

Knowing that you can't just up and fix something or write an email lets your mind wander. The alcohol helps with the sense of relaxation. The tunes suit or make the mood.

While I travelling last year, a fair number of people asked what I missed most about being home. Staying in hostels, or on farms, or with friends, chances at the tub are extremely limited. While I did get in 3-4 baths over the year, there's no place like home...there's no place like home...

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