Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Dad calling...

As the kids have grown up and moved away, I have to get used to a few things. I only see them for Christmas, or if I fly somewhere. What this means is that contact is a lot of email, Facebook, phone call stuff. I am not a good phone schmoozer, altho I'm getting better at it. One of the cool things about being out here travelling on my own is that phone calls with the kids bring me a lot of joy. It's great to catch up on their lives and get the news from home. But it is so cool just to hear their voices.

The coming years, we will likely be even more spaced about. I'm sure that I'll be spending a chunk of my time and $$ to visit them.

I'll likely be away for Christmas this year. I'm sure that will be tough.

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David Ripley said...

thanks for keeping me updated. take a walk down to 1st, 2nd beach if you get to flores off tofino..the sunsets were stunning when I was there camping.
..may the road rise up to meet you..