Thursday, February 19, 2009

WARNING: Habits may be habit-forming

Walking to work affords a lot of time and space to have things rattle about in your head. Every so often, a little gem pops up. If the idea starts worming its way into my waking hours, I examine it in more detail, and maybe come here to express my distilled thoughts on the subject.

I am a very habitual person. I get attached to clothes, dishes, movement patterns, you name it. I hate being late. I absolutely hate losing things. I wouldn't call it OCD, but I would call it anal. This is not new information, certainly not to the people around me. What is new is my way of looking at these habits.

In simple terms, my habits are habits.

For example, I am attached to my current coffee mug. Had it for years, will miss it when it's gone. Reality is, it broke a few weeks ago, and I am now OCDing on it's replacement. I'm not so much attached to the specific article, I just get attached to whatever I have. What I actually have is not that important. Who knew!

As I prepare to retire from Dal and go on hopefully an extended trip about the planet, I have been concerned about my habits and the long-term effect of wresting myself away from my home space. No biggie. I'll just fixate on the replacements that pop into my life.

It has been quite interesting naval-gazing on this topic.

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