Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Been following this story for awhile. As someone who has lived in Israel, I definitely have strong opinions about the current situation. Simply said, the 2 state solution is probably the only one that makes any long-term sense, and events since 2006 have only made that possibility seem even farther away. It makes me sad that so many lives are being ruined by this conflict.

The United States is roundly condemned in many parts of the world because of the messing about they do in the internal politics and economics of other countries. Same with Israel and Palestine. There will be no peace until these people have real control over their lives. If I lived in Gaza, I'd be resisting the blockade and occupation with every fibre of my being and in any manner possible. I'd also be teaching my kids those same values.

What I am glad to see is all the assorted web links to all sorts of non-controlled information from both sides of the conflict. Where we have one side trying to dampen down all types of journalism and the other making it sound like a real fight, thank goodness there are other sources. Some are full of rhetoric, many are just stories about how the ongoing conflict is impacting their lives.

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Delta Dave said...

Bruce - "every fibre of my being" - quite the turn of phrase.